Paroles Same Old Story de Ultravox

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  • Artiste: Ultravox38189
  • Chanson: Same Old Story
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Textes et Paroles de Same Old Story

(Telling me the same old story)
When the storm grows
I find your face behind your helpless hands
When the cracks show
In your mirrored, mirrored eyes
When the words come out
So splintered and predictable again
Then I find you
(Telling me the same old story)

Stories of love
Stories and lies
Stories of love
The same old story

(Telling me the same old story)
When the day goes
I can hear you crying out behind your paper smile
And the light that shines
Won't give you strength to talk to me at all
And the sound I hear
Is not the sound I want to hear from you
'Cause you're always
(Telling me the same old story)

Stories of love
Stories and lies
Stories of love
The same old story...

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