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  • Chanson: Another Memory
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Textes et Paroles de Another Memory

I've got a pain in my stomach
And a hole in my head
From another night thinking
I'd be better off dead
Than without you

I've got another mask on
And another fake smile
And another false hope
I'll cling to for a while
But it's no use

So walk away and go from me
You'll be another memory
Another broken puzzle piece
That never fit at all
I can't believe it's come to this
Faking lies and promises
A wasted word, a stolen kiss
A memory that never was at all

I've got a list of things
That I could have said
To make everything work out alright
But instead
I'm here alone

So I'll turn out the lights
And I'll go to sleep
And lose myself
In a worthless dream
That won't come true

And when another broken sunrise
Shines its light on me
I know I'm lost in your eyes
And there's nothing else to see
And if this is the ending
Of our tragic comedy
I'll close my eyes until you're just
Another memory

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