Paroles Condemned To The Throne Of Hazraehel de Unlord

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  • Artiste: Unlord6308
  • Chanson: Condemned To The Throne Of Hazraehel
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Textes et Paroles de Condemned To The Throne Of Hazraehel

[Calling forth the Dark one]

Our force is coming from the dark, we come to torch the priest
Raised to serve the emptiness, our leader is the beast
See him rising from the seas, and legion is his name
We burn the church down to the ground, kill, enslave and rape
Condemned to the throne of Hazraehel
In prophecies it was forseen, the opponent of your christ
Will raise an army to exhume the empire of lies
Condemned to the throne of Hazraehel
Many cities we've built, many we've destroyed
We see the throne of Hazraehel, arosen from the void
The priest his eyes we will take out, for blind he always was,
On his ground we will build, an empire that will last

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