Paroles Questions And Answers de Useless ID

Useless ID
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  • Artiste: Useless ID9916
  • Chanson: Questions And Answers
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Textes et Paroles de Questions And Answers

And now I've got a big question mark above my head.
I am one step behind the big fall,
before packing up and leaving I'm stuck in a junction with 24 ways,
how stupid of me to ignore the fact that I'm facing my weird life and future,
but still I've got a big smile on my face.
I guess nothing will change or turn off the switch in my head
nothing will make me to become what you became,
nothing is right and nothing is wrong,
you live your life now let me live mine.
And now I've got a big answer to all my friends,
who didn`t understand at all,
who didn`t get my way of living
this isn't something you learn at school
this is not a fucking pose
it is something that comes from inside
yeah something that I can call my life.

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