Paroles My Best de Vanessa Carlton

Vanessa Carlton
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  • Artiste: Vanessa Carlton2761
  • Chanson: My Best
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Textes et Paroles de My Best

We scream and shout
And try to make it last
Though it didn't work out
I don't love you any less

My lover or friend
I won't ever tell
Our secret's safe
An unspoken citadel

And in these broken times
Well, it's so easy to forget
So I sing to remind
Upon my shoulder you can rest
'Cause I'll always give you my best

A sidewalk's path leads me to you
Though we don't look back
We hold on to a truth

And in these broken times
I promise I will not forget
Though you're not mine
Upon your shoulder I can rest
'Cause you always give me your best

It's like a promised kept
It's like you never left
It's like you never left


I know it's been so long
I can't ever seem to forget
All it takes is a song
And I could swear I hear your steps
Down the hall that goes up past
That leaves an ache
It's never left
'Cause I gave you my best

It's like you never left
It's like you never left

We scream and shout
And try to make it last

(Thanks to Gabriele for these lyrics)

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