Paroles Control Freak de Venom

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  • Artiste: Venom6202
  • Chanson: Control Freak
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Textes et Paroles de Control Freak

Controller stands his ground
Un-moving, fixed staring
You must comply with his demands
He tells you this
Don't think to question his will
Mutter his congregation
Un-told terrors will un-fold
According to who - someone said

Controller waves his stick
Un-fearing, grip tightening
You will understand all (one day)
He tells you this
Why can't we know all now
Silence, screams the controller
You will be deemed un-worthy
Unworthy of what - someone said

Control freak
Bleeds you dry
Control freak
Fades & dies
Control freak
Leeches lust
Control freak
Vanish in dust

Controller strikes a match
Un-shaken, yet forsaken
You must drink the flame (of life)
He sells you this
Your faith will cost you all
To stop will see him fall
Silence spits the controller
Fuck you - someone said

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