Paroles Becoming A Jackal de Villagers

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  • Artiste: Villagers43622
  • Chanson: Becoming A Jackal
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Textes et Paroles de Becoming A Jackal

The most familiar room
Every implement was leading to you
And your homely sense of disarray
Never once the same, always rearranged
But things would never change
In the scene between the window frame
Where the jackals preyed on every soul
Where they tied you to a pole
And stripped you of your clothes
I was a dreamer
Staring at windows
Out onto the main street
Cos that's where the dream goes
And each time they found fresh meat to chew
I would turn away and return to you
You would offer me your unmade made
Feed me till I'm fed, read me till I'm read
But when the morning came
You would catch me at the window again
In an eyes wide open sleeping state
Staring into space, with no look upon my face
I was a dreamer
Staring at windows
Out onto the main street
Cos that's where the dream goes
And when I got older, when I grew bolder
Out onto the streets I flew
Released from your shackles
I danced with the jackals
And learned a new way to move
So before you take this song as truth
You should wonder what I'm taking from you
How I benefit from you being here
Lending me your ears while I'm selling you my fears
I was a dreamer (I'm selling you my fears)
Staring at windows (I'm selling you my fears)
Out onto the main street (I'm selling you my fears)
Cos that's where the dream goes (I'm selling you)
I was a dreamer
Staring at windows
Out onto the main street
Cos that's where the dream goes.

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