Paroles Return Of The King de Virgin Steele

Virgin Steele
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  • Chanson: Return Of The King
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Textes et Paroles de Return Of The King


Return of the Hero, our Conquering King
Agamemnon our Lord, you'll know here in time
If Fortune in War guarantees the will of the Crowd
All is not well there is Evil in your House tonight

Beware thy Name, Black Stars Fall, Forces Rising, time you were gone

The Conqueror of Troy wields the Power the Gods have designed
Shedding his Daughter?s Red Blood for one Wanton Bride
A Dowry of Death, Artemis waits by your side
Glory too high is a Dangerous Gift from the Gods

Beware thy Queen, Black Stars fall, Voices Rising, time you were gone

Lord of the Desert, we welcome him home
The Lion of Vengeance, the Death of Priam
Fire on the Wind, Fire in the Sky
Reaping Black Harvests of Blood, til the End of the Dawn

Beware thy Queen, Black Stars fall, Force is Rising, time We were gone!

Lord of the Desert, the Hour's at hand
The Black Cloak of Evil, the Net of the Damned
Fire on the Wind, Fire in the Sky
Raping the Heart of the Sun, til the End of the ... Dawn

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