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Vitamin C
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  • Artiste: Vitamin C3614
  • Chanson: Busted
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Textes et Paroles de Busted

Some things you feel
Before something's revealed
Sometimes you know
Before sometimes it shows
You were with her said
You weren't and
You're not not not
Gonna lie about the
Feelings that you
Got got got

You can tell me that
You love me but
You're not not not
Gonna get away
With lying 'cause
You're hot hot hot
I believed you when
You talked
About love love love
That I'm the only one
That you were thinking of

But I'm really not the
Type to rise above
A little indiscretion
With a scrub
Busted, its you I trusted

I guess I must have
Been a fool
Some things you feel
Before something's revealed
Sometimes you know
Before sometimes it shows
It's not gonna happen
You can try try try
I'll never take you back
I'd rather die die die
I know you really did it
'Cause you lie lie lie

And now we're not *NSYNC
So its bye bye bye
So you tell me that
You want me and I'm hot
That I'm the only
Good thing that you got
Too bad you were
Cheating and got caught
You really don't
Deserve another shot

Busted, it's you I trusted
I guess I must have
Been a fool
You were with her
Said you weren't
Had your fun fun fun
Now I guess you're
Gonna pay for all the
Things you've done
Don't even try to tell me
She's the only one
If you see me coming
Near you better run run run
So now I know the truth
I wonder why why why

But I'm not the type to
Sit around and cry cry cry
Now you turned your back
On the one you trusted
Too bad baby 'cause
You're busted

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