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Viva Mayday
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  • Chanson: We Will All
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Textes et Paroles de We Will All

Through the writings on the wall
I can hear her plea and call
For someone if not all
Her mascaras streaming down her face
As it once covered proof of abuse
But I hear her say

Won't you hold your own today?
For we will all find a way
Won't you hold your own today?
For we will all find a way

I see her walking home from work
Alone in the rain
So hard to see the pain on her face
And oh what I would do
To find the man who filled her life with abuse
For a good man who's had a few
Who does not know what to do
Who cannot tell the truth
Will say

So hold your head with pride
Little child
Don't let him see you're weak
Little child

For who are you my friend to say
What she can and cannot do
For her soul is her own today

So hold your head high
Little child
You've got to push on through
Little child

So won't you keep your head up child?
For we will all find a way
And if you don't seek the day then know

We will all find a way

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