Paroles As One Man Dies de Vortex

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  • Artiste: Vortex39521
  • Chanson: As One Man Dies
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Textes et Paroles de As One Man Dies

As one man dies
He can see it all
What he was?
What he has done?
As one man dies
He remebers it all
The good, the bad
The scenes of his life!
Incarnation has a purpose
The evolution of the soul
The karma has to go on
To increase man's conscience
The gates of hell closing behind
All our past lives we can't remember
Reincarnate to live again
To live again we are condemned
Hell is the state in wich we are
It is right here right now
We suffer in our mind
For our own good
For our deliverance
Unique moment of clarity
To be graspe
Offered to our true self
A change for the next level

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