Paroles Resurrector de W.A.S.P.

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  • Artiste: W.A.S.P.4845
  • Chanson: Resurrector
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Textes et Paroles de Resurrector

[Jesse to Congregation]
Fall before me
And bring me love
In here we are all pagan
Naked celebrations of

[Disciples to Congregation]
Oh, we are the dark descending
Feel the magic
The never ending son
Oh, we are the lost ascending
Last of Eden
Never ending heathen love

[Jesse to Congregation]
Show me your
Blind submissive love
Paint my name across
Your face in everlasting blood

Won't you come to me
Don't you believe in your god of love
I'm your god you need
I'll give you heathen love

Oh won't you believe
I come to breathe life into your doves
And I'll make you see
Make all believe neon

[Congregation to Jesse]
Change us all forever
Claim us all for life
Take us all to your heaven
Change us all for love

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