Paroles One In The Line de Waltari

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  • Artiste: Waltari6083
  • Chanson: One In The Line
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Textes et Paroles de One In The Line

[Music by Hatakka-Yli-Sirnio-Waltari]

[To myself:]
Wandering the street with lots of girls
gathering around me with necks full of pearls
they try to push themselfs still closer to me
can I give 'em enough?
There's more of them than 3
I'd like to give you everything I can
but there's not and endless energy in this man
you all want my love but sometimes it's too much
I feel I can't take it and I'll lose the touch
Why to cry when I'm only one in the line

[To the girl:]
Why am I just sitting here watching you
you're like a walking disaster
I can see trough you
you think you're a star,
you think you're the queen...
but your mind is burning
though your hearth is gold
you make dirty tricks and your love is so sold
but you never realize that you ain't really no.1
if you don't change your ways
your life is gone

Why to cry
when you are only one in the line
don't you know
that this is only one in the line
This is only one in the line!
Beatiful people always have problems!
(wish I could be an eagle...)

[To the planet:]
Many many fucking big worlds
have come and gone
this is only one planet

like I am only one son
we'll never ever make it, we can only
lose you can't save my life,
it was made to be used
we are nothing really special,
only one in the mode
there are many planets that we could explode
there's not much time for stupid fight
just do it, do it: choose right!
why cry when we are only one in the line,
don't you know
this planet's just one in the line
this is only one in the line!

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