Paroles Concrete Lie de Watcha

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  • Artiste: Watcha1175
  • Chanson: Concrete Lie
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Textes et Paroles de Concrete Lie

Concrete lie, unyielding part of your reality, you can dispose of me what ever you might think
I bid you welcome to your nightmare, I Live inside near the things repressed
I'm your conscience, why so anxious? You can't get rid of me so easily
I am what you are, a lodestar in your mind
I'm your burden in your dreamland, the pain in the neck
I'm at the root of your worries, of all sleepless nights
I am what you are, a lodestar in your mind, I am what you are, I'm your concrete lie
Concrete, concrete lie, sanékassalkapapassé
Don't you give a damn for my deeds, for my needs? Denying the voice of mine
Calling you, calling you, biriama cuz I'll get ya!
See I'm everywhere in the air, in the eyes, everywhere you look around
Cuz I am, just I am, biriam I'm concrete lie! No!
Do not even try to resist, to decline, to refuse, cuz you can't escape my power
No! I'm your concrete lie! Inner lie!
Concrete, concrete lie, sanékassalkapapassé

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