Paroles Wolftank Doff Thy Name de Weatherbox

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  • Artiste: Weatherbox39195
  • Chanson: Wolftank Doff Thy Name
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Textes et Paroles de Wolftank Doff Thy Name

Who's loyal now?
Who stuck around?
Who still has the oldest of words in their mouth?
Wrought in between
You know who I am
But, gee you're exposed with hardly the upper hand

They had me jeopardizing everything
They had me jeopardizing everything

You have cost me everything
And so much more
You have cost me everything
And so much more

It's a ruse
All the images have been removed
They took nothing from me
Well, it's just not true
It's the final punch to a swollen mouth
It's not hard to take all the good lines
good lines
good lines
good lines
good lines out
good lines out
good lines out
good lines out

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