Paroles Pretty Girl de Wheatus

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  • Artiste: Wheatus2728
  • Chanson: Pretty Girl
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Textes et Paroles de Pretty Girl

She's a pretty girl; She doesn't know it's over; She doesn't know that my plane leaves tomorrow; She's ringing in my ear; She redefines the night call; Hang up the phone again turn off the ringer;

Heaven only knows what she wants from me; But I won't wait around enough to see;

Cuz I'm running away from your arms tonight; And she won't let me go without a fight; I can honestly say right now; You don't understand me; You don't understand me;

So we fight again; And the night turns into sunrise; I know getting up for work will be a hell hole; She's like the mission man; She's screaming about Jesus; Well maybe when I'm def then she can save me.


Now she wants to know If I ever really loved her. If I ever meant that shit about a wedding. I said that monthes ago, I can't believe that she remembers, And now the secrets out that i'm a jackass This should be right You don't understand me You don't understand me

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