Paroles A Fool In Love de Whitesnake

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  • Artiste: Whitesnake7510
  • Chanson: A Fool In Love
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Textes et Paroles de A Fool In Love

I got a woman sweet Adrene
Best of woman I have ever seen
Gipsy blood runnin' through her vain
Lord have mercy now she's driving me insane

an' I got a woman, voodoo child
She drives me crazy, she drives me wild
She paint her lips, cat house graid
Lord have mercy drive me out of my head

I'm fallin' in love again
Play the fool again
Here I sit in my lonely room
Prayin' I won't get fooled again
A fool in love again
A fool in love again

I got a woman a heart attack
Love me so hard lady blow my sky
She get down to the bone
Lord have mercy now I'm in the danger zone


A fool in love again
Of love, not again


I got a woman won't let me be
Lord have mercy she's so bad for me


A fool in love again
A fool in love again
A fool in love again
Fakin' I won't get fooled again

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