Paroles Looking For Love de Whitesnake

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  • Artiste: Whitesnake7510
  • Chanson: Looking For Love
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Textes et Paroles de Looking For Love

(David Coverdale & John Sykes)

I'm tired of waiting
An' closing my eyes
I'm asking myself
Why is it all my horizons
Are so far away

I look in the mirror
Don't like what I see
In my reflection
A stranger is staring at me
Looking for love

The love of a woman
The needs of a man
I try so hard to belive
But I don't understand
The search goes on

But over the mountains
Across the sea
I know love is waiting
I hear it calling to me
Calling my name

I'm looking for love all around me
Looking for love to surround me
The love that I need
To rescue the state of my heart

Alone again, It's always the same
I've just been marking my time
Since the day I was born
With no one to blame

The candle is burning
It's way down low
I just need someone
To show me the way to go
Which way to go.

I'm looking for love all around me
Looking for love to surround me
The love that I need
To rescue the state of my heart

I'm looking for love
An' finding only heartache
Looking for love
An' finding only heartache
I'm looking for love to rely on
Looking for love, a shoulder to cry on
I'm looking for love
To rescue the state of my heart...

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