Paroles Killing Time de Widowmaker

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  • Artiste: Widowmaker39543
  • Chanson: Killing Time
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Textes et Paroles de Killing Time

Wrong place at the dead wrong time
What's mine is theirs but what's theirs ain't mine
Hard times in the neighborhood
When I'm good I'm bad and I was never good
So I sat alone, I'd sit and cry.

Just killing time
I'm killing time.

Minds bend, but they never break
They had to push, see just how much I'd take
Lines fade between wrong and right
I'd say it's black when they'd say it's white
Still I'd sit alone, but wouldn't cry.

Just killing time
I'm killing time
Been killing time
It's killing time.

Somewhere along the way I lost my mind
Now I sit alone and watch em cry.

It's killing time
Just killing time
I'm killing time
It's killing time.

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