Paroles Sonny Feeling de Wilco

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  • Artiste: Wilco5199
  • Chanson: Sonny Feeling
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Textes et Paroles de Sonny Feeling

I was on my way home
From high school
Stuck at the crossing
I dug in for a duel

But at the last moment
I buried the brakes
My life split in two directions
Into two separate fates

I got on the last flight
To Amsterdam
But couldn't hit the runway
So we took off again

'Aw, there's no need to worry'
The captain cut in
'The winds are less angry
Over in Berlin'

You know it's true
The other shoe
It waits for you
What can you do?
Remember to show gratitude
The darkest night is nothing new

Sonny's got a problem
All the mini-mart clerks know
She knows nothing of Eminem's
Suburban gangster flow

Oh maybe it's random
How each moment unfolds
It didn't feel like the wrong time or place
Until they cut off her clothes

A sonny feeling is taken away
A sonny feeling is taken away
A sonny feeling is taken away
A sonny feeling is taken away

I'm on my way home
From my high school
I'm always contemplating
Why the kids are still cruel
The kids are still cruel

A sonny feeling is taken away
A sonny feeling is taken away
A sonny feeling is taken away
Some of the feeling gets taken away

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