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  • Chanson: Over
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Textes et Paroles de Over

Feeling down, down, it's all ohh-ohh-ver
Heading down down down [2X]

I just can't get over
Simple little fact the the love is over
I thought me and you was gon' get older
And then go half on a baby and mold her
I thought I was gon' always hold ya
Even though we constantly fought like soldiers
Together we 'sposed to fall down like boulders
But ever since the weather been gettin colder
We're lookin for closure, cause we couldn't stay in love
Cause we both miserable in love
And I'm even worse without you

I walked away and I'm feeling down, down (it's all ohh-ohh-ver)
But even if I stayed I'd be feeling down down down [2X]

This situation, needs a brand new configuration
Baby take a look at our relationship, it's sittin on a rocky foundation
And that's why conversations are confrontational
and cause frustrations, the cause of our separation
is a culmination of complications, and that's why we gotta quit the love
Cause we both miserable in love
And I'm even worse without you


It's over, it's ohh-ohhhhh-ver....
It's ohhhhhhhhhhh-ver

I don't know where I should go, backwards or forwards now
I don't know what I should do, feelin lonely or be with you
I heard this on another song, you don't know what you got 'til it's gone
Yu don't know what you got 'til it's gone, don't know what you got
We gotta quit the love
Cause we both miserable in love
And I'm even worse without you

[At a higher pitch] [2X]


[At a higher pitch]
Oh it's ohhhhhhhhhh-verrrrrrrr
It's ohhhhh-verrrrrrr
Don't shed a tear for me, it's oh-verrrrrrr
Don't shed a tear, although it's ohhh-verrrr

(Thanks to **missferguson** for these lyrics)

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