Paroles Sleeping Gods de Witchbreed

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  • Artiste: Witchbreed46659
  • Chanson: Sleeping Gods
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Textes et Paroles de Sleeping Gods

Lie in My Arms
Surrender your Army of Hate
Embrace the light
Aim for the Heart and Behold

I gave you voice
A language of pride and Faith
I gave you soil
to work the land and protect

A Raven Was Sent To Deliver the Words
the Call From Within
a Longing for Ages Contained and At Last

A storm is Unfold
a storm Is Unfold
a storm is Unfold
a storm is Unfold
a storm is Unfold

Step forward now
The Gods are calling above
your time has come
the moment of freedom is done

The wise man is asked to reveal and foresee
I'll lead the way
The conquering will be spoken forever

I am the southern fire
Twilight mist Veils the Sun
Stand like a stone endure the pain
Stand all alone a burning rain

A storm Is Unfold
A storm Is Unfold
A storm Is Unfold
A storm Is Unfold
A storm is Unfold

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