Paroles Cry Wolf de Witchkiller

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  • Artiste: Witchkiller43930
  • Chanson: Cry Wolf
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Textes et Paroles de Cry Wolf

Glowing Dianna, the silver queen
Her wretched offspring about to be seen
A lurid pull assaults the nerves
Exposed to the aura changes occur

For those that, doubt he does exist
Lurking 'hind shadows and sneaking through mist
Beware of the moores, till dawn stay clear
Take nocturnal refuge, the beast is near.
Tales of woe, sorrows, injustice
Mourning the wounds will never heal
Stories of the old, legends and fables
A fear of the howling, time to cry wolf.

With baneful intent he stiffles his prey
Vexed into frenzy, beginning to slay
Carnivorous desires to feed upon man
Overwhelm senses his battle plan

Threnodous bereavement immediate their foe
Endless in effort, timeless in flow
Malicious destruction cannot afford
This heathenous hound must be put to the sword.

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