Paroles Who Am I? de Wonderwall

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  • Artiste: Wonderwall39623
  • Chanson: Who Am I?
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Textes et Paroles de Who Am I?

Dark lonely nights
and dark lonely days
I've never felt safe
or owned anything

I had no right to
had no right to talk
had no right to be

Woke up tonight something was different I saw
a light in the sky I'd never seen before
something's callin' me up to the sky
something's callin' me up to the sky

Who am I
that you know my name?
Who am I?

Like a candle burns down time
tiem goes by
my hearts's desire
fills the air, fills the sky

Ma face in the mirror
Mom and Dad in my shadow
golden light tells me that I have the right to be

Golden light it's all right by myself

Dark lonely nights
and dark lonely days
time goes by
like a candle burns down

Golden light it's all right by myself

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