Paroles Annihilation Of Fellow Creatures de Yattering

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  • Artiste: Yattering5349
  • Chanson: Annihilation Of Fellow Creatures
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Textes et Paroles de Annihilation Of Fellow Creatures

A body kept alive for years
Cripple and lying now in dirt of decayed
Remains of organic substances
A syndrome of inner damage
Showing troubles
In the mental processes
- A creature weirdly twisted
In incompressible shapes-
Felt a life's rapture
Sudden inflow of strange and untamed aggression
... A transient reminder of scabrous memories...
Addressed to the fighters
For survival of a close person

Number of denouncements destroyed by
A transient neurosis
From within the body preceded
A tamed voice of hatred and...suddenly naive
People specifically murdered
Twisted in incomprehensible shapes

Lie down among the dirty remains of the one
Who slaughtered his fellows

Uncontrolled taking drugs

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