Paroles Exterminate de Yattering

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  • Artiste: Yattering5349
  • Chanson: Exterminate
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Textes et Paroles de Exterminate

...Foetus was growing
At the cost
Of uterus mother's organism...
My thoughts
Has gone in torture
I hear - why !?
I don't I feel touch.
I torture other vicim - why !?
Question why scoring
I say to you?
Degenerated conception of creepy
Created by aversion & death
Vision of their own nation
I remember moment
Saturated with
Looking at massacre - why ?
Innocent's blood is
All over my body
Deep in me there is
Degeneration & inside
Murder by the reason
Cruelty by own
Children's blood
Created by system of hatred
Changed into beast
...From unsewed stomach is
Coming baby
Small in mother's blood,
Stumps cut navels
Around their throats
Mother's blood mixed
With young stuff
Demonic orgy, woman's anatomy
I'm guilty in brain torture
I hear - why question
Nation's death - why

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