Paroles All Your Secrets de Yo La Tengo

Yo La Tengo
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  • Artiste: Yo La Tengo39935
  • Chanson: All Your Secrets
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Textes et Paroles de All Your Secrets

All of the thoughts we thought would stay unsaid
Have made their way here instead, before the riot
As the days ahead become behind,
Replace the tape as we rewind, before the riot

Tell me all your secrets
Say it slow and clear so you don't have to speak twice

And if there's things that I'm afraid to know,
I should have learned them years ago, before the riot

I don't believe we're hopeless as we fear,
Or as good as we appear, before the riot
I could be strong inside your sleeping eyes
Unafraid of truth, unafraid of lies, before the riot

Think of what we're missing
Well take that thought and put it out of your head

And if we can stop a restless night,
Won't give up without a fight, before the riot

I can feel the time is coming, sure it's coming soon
Do what we do, hiding out from view
Sure it's coming
Say the worst should happen
Would we plan for that, even if we could?
And if we can stop a restless night,
Won't give up without a fight, before the riot
Here it comes, before the riot

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