Paroles Mushroom Cloud of Hiss de Yo La Tengo

Yo La Tengo
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  • Artiste: Yo La Tengo39935
  • Chanson: Mushroom Cloud of Hiss
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Textes et Paroles de Mushroom Cloud of Hiss

See you walking sometimes
Circumstances start to happen after a while
And it's starting to seem like there's nothing left
Like there's nothing left at all
Well it drags me down, it's pulling me down
Lower, lower
I feel it pulling, here it comes
So come on take the time
Come on, to make up your mind
Come on, Let's give it all away
Starts to wear me down
And I can't get it to stop
When's it going to stop
Look on your face, just the look on your face
Makes me feel all a little down, down inside
Come on, take the time
Come on, make up your mind, come on
Let's give it all away
Come on, take the time
Come on, make up your mind, come on
Let's give it all away

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