Paroles Snake Bite Love de Zachary Richard

Zachary Richard
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  • Artiste: Zachary Richard623
  • Chanson: Snake Bite Love
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Textes et Paroles de Snake Bite Love

I should've known something was going on
When I saw old Rufus running down the road;
His eyes were burning and his head on fire,
He couldn't stop mumbling but I don't know why.

I fled the palace and I jumped the wall,
Spotlights hit me and I had to fall,
The earth was trembling so I had to freeze
And that voodoo woman kept me on my knees.

Snake bite love.

When she moved to town the moon turned red,
Strange things dancing 'round in my head.
I'm hearing voices that I can't see,
Can anybody tell me what has happened to me.

Snake bite love.

I don't know how this can be,
I got the fever to a hundred and three,
Mojo hand and a black cat bone,
She's the demon that stole my soul.

Snake bite love.

I can't take this anymore,
I got the fever to a hundred and four.
Black cat bone and a mojo hand,
She's the demon and I'm her man.

Snake bite love.

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