Paroles All I Need de Zebrahead

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  • Artiste: Zebrahead4442
  • Chanson: All I Need
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Textes et Paroles de All I Need

Drop the beat!
2 months gone to the day and you were on your way
You said that there was nothing I could say.
But I got the drop on you
I see what you do
I just want to say you run me through
I don't want to let you leave
I don't want to believe that you lied and tried to deceive
I'm not going to be alright
without you.
You Are All I Need!
You Are All I Need!
You Are All I Need!
You Are All I Need!
If you're leavin take me with you - J-eah
I don't wanna start somethin new - J-eah
Life's a maze, I'm lost without you - J-eah, J-eah
I don't wanna take another drink
I don't wanna think
I Just wanna watch you sink with me
Tell me are you free?
Now that you got yourself far away from me
And I feel like I'm on the ground
You're pullin me down
When you're gone I can't touch the ground
Not gonna be alright
Without you
I never saw the day
I never saw the day
I never saw the day
I never saw the day
I never saw the day
I never saw the day
Take a look back and one day you will see
You were the one that was meant for me
And all the bad seems to fade away with time
When it's all in your mind
And one day when you're face down on the floor
I won't be around anymore
And I won't care then
And I don't care then
You walked out
Repeat Justin's vox

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