Paroles Hello Tomorrow de Zebrahead

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  • Artiste: Zebrahead4442
  • Chanson: Hello Tomorrow
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Textes et Paroles de Hello Tomorrow

Hello tomorrow and good-bye to yesterday
We've been waiting for this moment

And we still don't know what to say
We may never find the answers or know the reason why
Why we both decided we should say good-bye
Nothing but good things are coming my way
If you are going please let me stay
You bring me down when I'm getting high
You turn me on I amplify
1 -2-3 times you've broken me (Broken Me)
I won't bleed like this forever
I'm down to ride but my wings are severed
Blindside blitz- evacuation
I'm stuck in hell your on vacation
1-2-3 times you've broken me (Broken Me)
I've been waiting
Waiting for the day
I've been waiting
Waiting for the day
I'm still waiting for tomorrow
Tired of living in yesterday
I've been waiting
Waiting for the day I'd be over you
Oceans, devotions, these notions run dry
Floating away and I don't know why
Spend all my days in a bottle thinking
You're like an anchor got me sinking
1-2-3 times you've broken me (broken me)
Say good-bye now and mean it forever
Got to move on and keep it together
Forget the things that you've said and you've done
That's in the past, here comes the sun
1-2-3 times you've broken me (broken me)
Repeat Chorus

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