Paroles Ignite de Zebrahead

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  • Artiste: Zebrahead4442
  • Chanson: Ignite
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Textes et Paroles de Ignite

Drop in
Call us degenerate, heads in a purple haze
Breaking our necks with crime that pays
It's the war of rolex versus renegades
So place your bets and burn beds you made
You know we're never
Bending or breaking
Forsaking anything
Bonded together
We can share in the pain
And we can feel it
Believe it
Timing is everything
And this time
We're going out with a bang
Right now I can feel the world is spinning
Right now fight for a new beginning
Right now ignite and light the shape of the world your living and I'm sticking with the fuse so tight
Take me kicking and screaming
Or give me something to believe in
Don't let me down, we're running on high
Ignite worldwide
We fight the eminent threat like a macrophage
Blood tears and sweat with a war we wage
If we can't get the key we'll break the cage
Bleed for liberty and get machines to rage
You know we're never
Fearing or faking
Braking for anyone
We come together
Yeah we're just having fun
And we can feel it
Believe it
There goes the neighborhood
And this time
I think you misunderstood
We've been dreaming it, bleeding it, believing what they say
While they're killing it, leaving it and lying all the way
Heard the counterfeit syndicate is growing everyday
But we're over it, today we're gonna light the way
Light it up
Ignite tonight

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