Paroles Runaway de Zebrahead

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  • Artiste: Zebrahead4442
  • Chanson: Runaway
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Textes et Paroles de Runaway

She wakes up in the morning
In the same room that she's been in her whole life
And everything still looks the same
But the feeling of the room has changed in spite
She said:
"You don't know what it's like to be stuck in my mind"
She said:
"You don't know what it's like to be stuck in my mind all the time"
Bruised lips and the make-up
Tattooed hips and pierced
For the sake of letting everybody know
She don't belong here
Old tricks that she made up
I don't give a fuck
For the sake of letting everybody know
She says I won't belong So long
It's not a lost cause
She's just a runaway
Is there nothing left for you to say?
And if she comes home
Do you think she'll want to stay?
Is there anything for her?
She's a runaway
Turn your back on yesterday
She calls at seven thirty
And wants to talk about her boyfriend one last time
Mom and Dad are fighting in the background,
Shattered glass cuts through red wine
I said:
"I don't know that I'm right but I know that you're wrong"

Repeat Chorus
Blacked out
Passed out at a party
In another town
With the same old Bacardi
Nothing ever changes what's inside me
Someone find me, someone find me
My heart showed me the way out
Don't stop
Don't give up on me now
Two beats, two streets
Too many repeats to blow my only other way out
Repeat Chorus

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