Paroles Hollywood de Zeromancer

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  • Artiste: Zeromancer3172
  • Chanson: Hollywood
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Textes et Paroles de Hollywood

It's the real thing
Safety's off
Are you there
Are you there for me
By my side
An angel
Who dodge the bullets wide

It feels right
On a beach
When you talk
You talk without a sound
And when you walk
Your feet hardly touch the ground

But you're there
By my side
But you're there for me

When all this is over
Heaven knows I'm going nowhere
I was only dreaming
Censored for a deeper meaning

It wears off
Like lipstick on your skin
Like a day that won't begin
Waking up
And you can't remember
Where you've been

It's time
We get things straight
Are you there
Are you there for me
Back for good
It's 6 a.m. in

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