Paroles Taken de Zug Izland

Zug Izland
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  • Artiste: Zug Izland4974
  • Chanson: Taken
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Textes et Paroles de Taken

Ya never wanted it to happen
Still trouble will find it's way
Silence took quickly
Killing off the endless dream

Our souls never wanted to be
Dark cell like purgatory
Black eyes light's blinding
The path is there, still can't find it...

Taken from me
Taken from me
Taken from me
You can't take away from me

Mind trip might never fade
Mental wounds i sicken needing
The priest in church to sing
Sounds of love peace for humanity

Hands high steps bring, bring
Young soul inculcating
From the streets they will bring
Death from hate and thrill of suffering

Taken from me
Taken from me
Taken from me
You can't take away from me

[musical interlude]

Standing at the gates of Heaven
Beggin' them to let me in
It's not His fault that
He lived in a world of sin

One fight had to kill a man
Now it's in bad suffering
He did the best to do us right
but still the gates are locked tight

[Chorus 3x]
Taken from me
Taken from me
Taken from me
You can't take away from me

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