Paroles Q, Mike, Slim, Daron de 112

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  • Chanson: Q, Mike, Slim, Daron
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Textes et Paroles de Q, Mike, Slim, Daron

If you are available
If you are available

(Refrain 1:)
This is what we're lookin' for
Sexy, independent,
Never scared to let it go
Always positive,
Willing to communicate
Baby, this is what
We're lookin' for

(Refrain 2:)
She's gotta have sex appeal,
Keep it real
Kinky as we wanna be
And she's gotta give in,
Always giving
Gotta be very
Spiritual and emotional
Baby if you really wanna know

So, if you are available
(Q, Mike, Slim, Daron)

(au Refrain 1)

(Q, Mike, Slim, Daron)

(au Refrain 1)
(au Refrain 2)

If you really wanna know
(Q, Mike, Slim, Daron)

(au Refrain 1)

If you are available
(Q, Mike, Slim, Daron)
Oh, if you are available
(Q, Mike, Slim, Daron)

  "Part 3 [#9]"

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