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  • Chanson: What Would It Be Like
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Textes et Paroles de What Would It Be Like


Verse 1:
You know I had a few
Girls I thought would do, but
They were there just to please me
You know I had my share
A true player, I didnt care
I only wanted to do things my way, baby

I gots to get a chance with this
Work somethin' out so I can get with this
I cant believe she's as hot as this
Gots to wonder if I got with this

What would it be like
If I was wit ya girl
What would it feel like
If we met tonight
And we kissed and held ya tight
And what would it be like
If you was in my world
If you was my baby girl
That someone is hanging right
What would it be like

Verse 2:
I never felt like this, like
honeys got me on a trip, cause
Im feeling like I need someone to be with, yeah
She gots them pretty eyes
She wears that skirt so right
She bodied up tonight
Shes making me so high



Baby come take a ride (come take a ride baby)
And maybe tonight and maybe tonight will be the night (will be the night)
The night that you and I (you and I will find out)
what its like to be together (what its like to be together)
o yeah...


What would it be like
If I, had you be my side
And, What would it be like
If I had some time with you and I
What would it be like
Can we make it right
All together tight
I'd like to know
(Repeat till fade)

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