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3rd Storee
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  • Artiste: 3rd Storee3593
  • Chanson: If They Only Knew
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Textes et Paroles de If They Only Knew

Residential Kid
Yab Yum
3rd Storee

I could love you for the rest of my life
Set it off right, be my wife
We make moves (uh huh) dam if they only knew
Ill never hurt you

They say you do me wrong
They say I can't be strong
Are we the only one to

All: Can see what's goin' on?
They say that you and me
Were never meant to be
I wish that they knew about are love
How much you mean to me

I was the only one to ever wanna be
The kind of man to take your every love and be your favorite

Why don't they just try, try and realize that you make it
All right when you look in to my eyes

Wish they can see what you do to me
If they knew how I feel (I still love you)

They don't see what I see
They don't see you and me
They think I any made of crystal and diamond Rings
They need to realize
That when I see your eyes
It makes me happy just be in you life
(Open your eyes)

Your Eyes
Is Fine
It seems you're the girl of my dreams


I got love for Yea
Your mom say forget it you will never be a lawyer
Thinkin back when I first saw yea
Back in High School Beaten Tom Soya
I saw yea
Now, Many Playa hatein Because they
Think I'm out Partyin
Cops hear my aver ain't and handed me a card again
Life was a shortly, shouldn't be so rough
I love you, so should that be enough
Come on

Why ay...
Why? Why, Why, Why Baby
I wish they can see what you do to me Baby
I wish they can stick to our life's Baby

Ohh Girl
Why don't they just try
Do to me, do to me Girl
I know that I'm young Yea
But I know it's in my heart

(Continue Chorus)

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