Paroles Promises de A Blinding Silence

A Blinding Silence
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  • Artiste: A Blinding Silence19404
  • Chanson: Promises
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Textes et Paroles de Promises

and I sometimes,
fall victim to the
whirlwind of life...
letting go
doesn't mean I'm letting go
(I won't let go)
and all respite
may have seemed
ill conceived at the time
tragedy is what I'm fighting
so I'm leaving
(my heart will stay)
remember, if you ever
hear this on the radio
I'm promising
That if you ever need
me I'll be there

I promise you...that I'll be there
I'm promising

(fate sometimes smiles)
and second chances
fall from the sky...
snatching you
from the jaws of â€oenothing”
and beauty saves
muted hearts, silent dreams
reminding me when I
thought I lost it all...
my heart's bleeding
(and promises)
made before
are calling to me
and so I have to go
but I'm promising
that if you ever need me
I'll be there

I promise you...that I'll be there
I'm promising

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