Paroles Permanent Snow de A Breath Beyond Broken

A Breath Beyond Broken
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  • Artiste: A Breath Beyond Broken49681
  • Chanson: Permanent Snow
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Textes et Paroles de Permanent Snow

I built a boat today, I pushed the world away
The water was so cold, but the sand seemed so old
In our garden's permanent snow, there wasn't room for life to grow
And just because you say that there's a wind somewhere
It doesn't help me at all if it's not behind my back
But if I've got my oars, I'm all alone and it's all I ever was
It's not in what you say
It's in how it's said
You can write your life away
I've been doubting your passions so much these days
Who do you suffer for?
Out of conversation into concentration,
Your words sound much better in your head
We watch all our actions to avoid missteps
Not provide correction, just protect ourselves
A pathetic lesson in how to care
About no one but yourself
The offing has caught me
But the sun cannot stop me
I'll go beyond its rays into better days,
And leave this world behind me
We lost ourselves to argument
I won't let my pride trap me in cement
It's not okay to walk away from the one thing you love
on the grounds that you hate everything else
I didn't have to, but I did it for you

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