Paroles White Power Boy de A Human And His Stds

A Human And His Stds
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  • Artiste: A Human And His Stds19014
  • Chanson: White Power Boy
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Textes et Paroles de White Power Boy

Hello boy. What's your name? Hello boy, whats that 88 mean? Hello boy, do you only speak german? What a swastika? Oh I get it, your a white power boy. White power boy, getting drunk at our show
White power boy, throwing paper airplanes from down below
There's the white power boy boy, saw him once at the mall
Theres the white power boy, getting kicked out for zeich-heiling the wall
Give it a rest your not a child. Theres more to life than to zeich-heil. At the edge of the suburbs, take one step further, to the part of town wroght from white lies, and white oppressors. Hundreds of people with nothing to eat, Their The Ones Really Oppressed, So Look At Your Feet!
And when your all grown up(with a kid of your own). Will he wnt to see his daddy act like this, all full grown? Will he care for people? ( or beat up his girls?), will he be happy, or angry at the world?

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