Paroles I'm all about you de Aaron Carter

Aaron Carter
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  • Chanson: I'm all about you
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Textes et Paroles de I'm all about you

There's somethin' that
)I've got to say
You're always with me
Even though, you're far away
Talkin to you on my cell
Just the sound of your voice
Makes my heart melt
Oh girl, well it's true

I'm all about you
I'm all about us
No baby, you never have
To question my love

That no one could take the
Place of my number one girl

It's true
I'm all about you
I'm all about us
No, baby, you never have
To question my love

And every night
There's a new crowd
But it's always you
That I'm singing about
There is only one these words
Are going out to

Oh girl, I'm all about you

  "Oh aaron [#7]"

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