Paroles San Angelo de Aaron Watson

Aaron Watson
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  • Artiste: Aaron Watson12034
  • Chanson: San Angelo
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Textes et Paroles de San Angelo

We'd walk up and down the Concho River
We'd find a soft place to watch the sun go down
So was it me or was it what I could not give you
She left me shattered, my life scattered all around


She said time would heal my broken heart
and I'd find a true companion for my soul
You know she was right, we were wrong
Nothing more than a pretty song
About a boy who loved a girl
In San Angelo

Repeat Intro

When I'd close my eyes, I could hear her singing
In the chapel where she said we'd wed someday
It rattled me so to hear them old church bells ringing
Knowing well enough we'd never love that way

Repeat Chorus

Looking back it was a blessing she broke my heart in two
But if I had never lost her, baby I'd have never found you

Repeat Chorus

About a boy who once loved a girl in San Angelo

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