Paroles Beyond The Dawn de Absurd

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  • Artiste: Absurd5323
  • Chanson: Beyond The Dawn
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Textes et Paroles de Beyond The Dawn

At the dawn of eternity
Through the haze & obstacles
There lays my long journey
Not experienced before

I'm in dark
Light of distant star
Callin' me on
The black skies
Cold Galaxy
Shows me the way

Past unwillingly releases
Heart is filled with sorrow
So my mind awake from the sleep
Suffering soul escaped from net

Heal my wounds
Heart-breaking scream
In the shadow of pain
Sombre thoughts
No more regrets
Just a silent reproach

I walk alone
Towards the calm
And eternal rest
Followin' in the tracks of starfall
There beyond dawn
I shall sink into oblivion

The philosophy of life and death
Hope will never leave me
Intuitive recovery of sight
Reveal the delusion

I'm waiting for
Moments of truth
In objective reality
When the shroud
Will fallin' down
And uncover the lies

Look into ocean of my eyes
Fire will burn you
The reflection of former years
Remains trail at my face

At the mercy
Of fate again
Temptin' Providence
Wrath will die
Deeply inside
Even be not bornurs will be here..

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