Paroles Where Time Has Died Away de Absurd

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  • Artiste: Absurd5323
  • Chanson: Where Time Has Died Away
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Textes et Paroles de Where Time Has Died Away

Time has come
Dreams turn to reality
Glance to the future
Skies are amalgamatin'
With the earth
Eternal oppositions
Light and darkness
Neverending battle is goin' on

Trails of offence
Washed off by blood
Scars will remain

Where' is you - respond to me
Approach and confide
Reveal secrets - burn the lies

So hurry up
Towards new day
I'll guide you to thither
Where time has died away

Before dawn
You'll see a starshine
Follow for it
And you will come

To the gates
Of defeated prospects
Pain & fear
Forever gone

Cast away the chains
Desired freedom
When all will be done
Last words will be said
Know that I will find you
And together
We will go away
By hand in hand

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