Paroles Summoning The Infernal Storm de Abyssmal Nocturne

Abyssmal Nocturne
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  • Artiste: Abyssmal Nocturne41707
  • Chanson: Summoning The Infernal Storm
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Textes et Paroles de Summoning The Infernal Storm

Transcending through the realms of chaos
Storming with the winds
I cast my spells through the stars
Blackstorms of the infernal realms

Soaring through the night we ride
Come to rule as kings of the night
The blood of the dragon shall rise!!!

Upon a blackened earth, we shall rise again
To spread our wings across the lands

Gazing through the nights stars
Freezing winds guide me through the night

My eyes see visions of withering heavens
Satan's legions rule the night
Those who caress the night with lust
Shall be victorious in their, search for blood!!!

Sworn to battle and to rise again
Tiamat devours blood over the living
Summoned from the black night
That shall reign again

Legions call forth their hail
I possess of their infernal powers
Unleashing the great battles
To honor this life, through blood!!!

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