Paroles Best Wishes de Ace Holes (The)

Ace Holes (The)
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  • Artiste: Ace Holes (The)19741
  • Chanson: Best Wishes
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Textes et Paroles de Best Wishes

This worlds got very little time
Held hard under the gun
We live our lives feeding off the world
Nothing can be done
Whats the point of saving it
The destruction can only be prolonged
Stop worrying so much live life
And try to have fun

Dont you reckcognize me?
Im your parasite son
Im gonna destroy this world
and do it having fun

Whos cares if were all gonna die?
The worlds gonna goto hell
How much really matters?
Were all goin down

All you fucking kids
quietly standing there
Think you make a differance?
Noone fucking cares
The worlds shit out of luck
Nomader what you do
Youll only fuck it up

Dont you reckcognize me?
Im your parasite son
Im gonna destroy this world
and do it having fun

Dont you reckcognize me?
Im your parasite son
Reaching out for destruction
Pull the trigger, your gone

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