Paroles W.A.R. (Wrong And Right) de Acid Death

Acid Death
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  • Artiste: Acid Death5399
  • Chanson: W.A.R. (Wrong And Right)
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Textes et Paroles de W.A.R. (Wrong And Right)

[music: Dennis lyrics: Jake]

Everything around me seems so empty
I think I can still hear other people`s voices in there
Shouting at me in madness "It`s Time For You To Leave:"

Denying to accept the beliefs of another age
I lost my mentality and I ended up in there
Being aware of the spirit`s second dimension
Where sense, insanity and justice is invisible

The gun you hold may give me the creeps
Perhaps I`ll be happy if you use it
So as to prove once again that I`m still sick

Eventually I know
Wrong exists And covers what is Right
But I can`t judge them with daring

Don`t hesitate to point the gun at me, I`m not afraid of the truth
But at least you must hold it tight if you feel strong enough to use it
My ever loneliness might be the reason of loosing the sensible way
But I was never in a real need of communication
In a world where Wrong And Right makes no sense at all:

Are you upset of looking me?
Are you afraid as I come near you?
What are you waiting for? Shoot me!
Be careful cause I`m loosing patience
Don`t let me come closer cause
This will mark the beginning of my WAR:

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