Paroles P.O.E. de Adam Ant

Adam Ant
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  • Artiste: Adam Ant19807
  • Chanson: P.O.E.
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Textes et Paroles de P.O.E.

Damn your eyes Mr. Khruschev
Don't go dropping bombs on here
'Cos if you start dropping bombs over here
We're gonna have to drop some bombs over there.

Heard a lot of small talk
All about your doing
But we will be the last boys
Left standing in the ruins
To the twentieth century
Yipee-ya yipee-ya.

Clamping on a stetson
Activate the go code
Get me a citation
When I drop my little load
To the twentieth century
Yipee-ya yipee-ya.

Pleasures of survival
Ain't so tough
Have a real good time in Vegas
With all that stuff
To the twentieth century
Yipee-ya yipee-ya.

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