Paroles Young, Dumb & Full Of It de Adam Ant

Adam Ant
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  • Artiste: Adam Ant19807
  • Chanson: Young, Dumb & Full Of It
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Textes et Paroles de Young, Dumb & Full Of It

Have a lucky charm and a usual crew
And a wild guitar 'cos it's good for you
Get a pair of legs about three feet long
And a Dangerous Jane to lay kisses on

But be young dumb and full of it
Young dumb and full of it full of it

Keep your friends real close
And keep your enemies closer
And be a real Hoss Carwright on the Ponderosa
Get a kingsize brain with the funk gone wrong
And bite the hand that you feed upon

But be young dumb and full of it
Young dumb and full of it full of it

Show the squares some class with some bravado
And a whiff of the kicks that they'll never know
Tell the party jerk if he shows again
You're gonna work on his head with a six foot chain.

But be young dumb and full of it
Shake up New York shakedown gypsy

The trouble with Mary and the truth about Frank
They wanted the money but they wouldn't rob banks
They wouldn't just get down yelling for the hell of it
Should have been young dumb and full of it full of it

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